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商 号|Green Rooom 株式会社 /Green Rooom Inc,

代 表|西辻昭 /Akira Nishitsuji


T. F. |T. 03-6447-5977/F. 03-6447-5978

アドレス|151-0051 東京都渋谷区千駄ヶ谷2-37-8 #602


G r e e n  R o o o m  I n c,

#602 2-37-8

Sendagaya Shibuya Ku  TOKYO JAPAN 151-0051

T. +81-3-6447-5977/F. +81-3-6447-5978

■What is “Green Rooom” 





 私たちの仕事も同様!最高で特別な空間・場所、そして仕事を通して大切な仲間をつくり上げるという志を、“Green Rooom”という社名に込めました。

オリジナルよりひとつ多い「o」は、これから「∞」に転化する幾つもの可能性を持つ「0」を表しています。“Green Rooom”が新しい小さな風をつくり、



The Green Room in surfing, is the inside of a barrel created by a breaking big wave, glistening in green as the sunlight reflects upon the walls.

For surfers, this Green Room is a special place of pure bliss, for only the ones that have overcome the many obstacles and have put in daily efforts, the courage to challenge big waves together with instant decisiveness can reach this place.


Same goes for our works! Envisioning to create this special place/room and to bond with people through our works, we have named the company Green Rooom”. The additional “o” represents infinite possibilities that lay before us, as if we start from “0”.

With hopes of “Green Rooom”creating a small breeze, the breeze creating a flow, then becoming a wave, eventually the waves overlapping each other to create one large wave.

Green Rooom 株式会社 /Green Rooom Inc,

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